Monday, 18 February 2013

Mother's Day is just 3 weeks away.

I just thought that I would write a quick blog to show the range of products that we make, which are perfect to give on Mother's Day. Each item is of course personalised and they are ideal for Mum's or Grandma's. 

Personalised Mother's day heart, filled with lavender. The heart can be 
embroidered on the back with your own personalised message.

Personalised Egg Cosy. Perfect for keeping boiled eggs cosy for
 breakfast in bed on Mothering Sunday.

Personalised Tea Cosy, can be appliqued with any word of your choice on the front. 
It's nicely padded to keep tea lovely and hot. The back can also be embroidered
with a personalised message.

Personalised Keyring, filled with lavender. A letter or heart is appliqued 
on one side and can be embroidered with a personalised message on the other.

Personalsed hearts cushion. Can be appliqued with any words of your choice
on the front, with your own personalised message on the back. It comes
complete with a feather inner too.

Personalised Mother's Day Card. Our mother's day card is available in 3 different designs, 
each can be embroidered with any words of your choice.

Last order date for Mother's Day is currently the 27th February, though keep your eye 
out for this as it may be change.

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